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GoW2 Carol

Twas the night before Christmas

On the xbox forums

Not a single troll was stirring, only the fanboys

"a miracle patch, be how can it be?"

if baby jesus was given birth by a virgin, surely it will be!

A Combustable Mappack has been released

I ask my community, when will it be free?

I am too poor to afford, Cliffy B

Don't you value my loyalty?

Ginger-Man Ferguson says the game is well-polished

Then why am I being struck through a wall like a comet?

Ninja flips and boomshield glitches to boot

I really hope this miracle patch comes soon

I look and watch as the population dwindles

Even Major Nelson says "damn, this game is becoming nimble"

Cliffy B where have you been?

Are you busy having photoshop be done to your head?

A self portrait or immortalize yourself

While your precious community laughs at your retard-rabbit looks?

That didn't rhyme, but there's not enough highlights in his hair to compensate bad looks

9 of us are left, in your multiplayer

It now takes me 30 minutes to find a match for team slayer

Did I just say slayer? I am thinking all wrong

This game was short-lived, nothing can be done

The miracle patch won't come to be

I put my head down and sigh "looks like I'm going back to Halo 3"

The End
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