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Eternalplayer in "My games of 2008"

I might as well jump on this bandwagon before the absolute deluge of similar blog posts start dropping. 2008 may just be my personal best year of gaming. This is because not only did some truly great games get released this year but I went back and played some of the best games of years past. This list will include the top ten games that I played this year regardless of release.

10.Mirror's edge (demo)

I considering making this two my number one and two but I had too group them together. I case you didn't know mother 3 is basically Earthbound 2

Let's start with earthbound, I've had this game for two years but the first time I tried to play it the it wouldn't save. So bored one day I decided to give it a shot. Every day I would play I had a fear my save file would be erased but by some miracle I was able to play the game all the way through and what a joy it was. Earthbound is just such a charming and quirky game I could not wait to play it everyday. The battle system still held up even by today standards and the story was amazing. Sure it didn't have the emotion but it had the charm. The characters were heart-warming, the enemies unique in every way.

Mother 3 may have been just a unofficial English patch, but it was a job done so well I couldn't tell the difference. I honestly must give a thanks to starman.net for allowing me to enjoy this breath-taking game. Mother 3 took Earthbound's battle system and added a addictive combo system. The story felt much more linear and cinematic but this only served to make Mother 3 different in it's own way. While Lost Odyssey had the most emotional scene for me ever. Mother 3 was able to make me feel emotion the quickest. Despite being 2D, the story was top notch and would really grab you. The character felt more deep than that of Earthbound. The enemies felt a little less charming than the original but this is a minor gripe

Playing these two games in the same year for the first time made this my best gaming year EVER. They instantly both became a part of my top 5 games of all-time.
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