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*VGR* Rage is the best investment.

Here's a change of pace for me. I'm attempting some fanfic here. Let me know what you think.

Oh and before you read this, Go play Minotaur in a China Shop first. If you've already played it, continue on!

The key easily slipped into the lock. He turned it clockwise and felt the tumblers release the door. As he entered, he took special caution to dip his head down thru the short doorway. He didn't want to ram his horns through the top of the door frame. Not again. Too many people wanted him to fail. Since he had been granted parole for good behavior, and due to the rising civil rights movement, He was a very lucky Minotaur. With the backing of the same lobby that had pushed for his cause, he was given the investment so that he could prove to Ancient Greece that Minotaurs are capable of being contributing members of society.

He had opened a china shop.

The irony alone had the Grecian tabloids up in arms. He had originally gone to prison because he was looking through a china shop for a gift for his 4 year anniversary with his wife. Being a huge powerful lumbering beast, he did his best to maneuver through the store. He checked his steps and controlled his breathing. His temper was in good spirits that day. The thought of his wife and the perfect gift for his love would keep his fabled minotaur rage in check.

Fate begged to differ.

While daydreaming about her reaction to the plate he held before him, he failed to notice the throw rug beneath him and slipped slightly.

Outside the shop, the section in front had been cordoned off. The media had arrived in full force. The crowd had grown to an enormous size. Mrs. Minotaur and The Hippogryph looked over at the scene. Mrs. Minotaur suddenly realized where she was.

"Oh for fuck's sake."

At that very instant, a tremor shot out from the shop, shaking the earth. The shock wave sent flaming embers and smoke hurtling out of the windows of the shop. Screaming erupted as the crowd dropped to it's knees. For a moment, the sun was blocked out of the Forum. Mrs. Minotaur, who had ducked behind a table, peeked out and groaned at the sight that greeted her. Her husband's flaming form emerged from the burning ruins of the china shop. Bellowing into the air, he began to charge through the crowd towards her. She cringed back on her hands as her husband grabbed the table raised it into the air and brought it down on her head

Mrs Minotaur awoke with a jump. She whipped her head around and realized she was at home in bed safe. She glanced down at her husband. He was sound asleep, rasping as he slept. Breathing a sigh of relief, she lay back down and closed her eyes.

"Fuck that," she thought to herself, "I'll end it tomorrow."
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