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Merry Christmas Dtoid! I provide choice gaming tattoos for you to peruse.

Good morning and Merry Christmas all,
'tis my last day working for the year today so I am in very high spirits, sadly since during the holidays I may not be around a computer as much as I am at work I may not be commenting and posting as often for the next three weeks, but I shall do my best to spread at least a little love with the odd random comment and well wishes etc.

Now since it's my last day of work for this year I have been slacking off a fair bit, and this has led me to stumble across a tattoo archive that has a mean collection of geek and gaming tattoos. Now geek tatts can sometimes be good and sometimes horribly bad but I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you all to enjoy. And if by chance one of these tatts is yours be sure to stand up and be counted :D

Yep, that's mine :)

Well thats about it from me, I will waste your bandwidth no longer :)
If you wanna see more tattoos feel free to check out BME Ink's website, otherwise I hope you all have a safe, merry, and downright fucking awesome Christmas and New Year. Go forth and eat too much, drink too much and party way too hard :D

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