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Pendelton's 2008 Games That I Really Liked

Well, itís that time of year, folks. The yearly running of the Cblog flamebait posts, i.e. GOTY posts. Normally, I donít make anything like this, because most years have either not had that many great games, or most GOTY lists have done right by me.

Not this time.

This year, I think, was one of the best years in gaming. Look at all the amazing things that happened this year: an influx of amazingly wonderful indie games, retro games making a comeback, and not a Halo game in sight. Aside from that, I had to make this list to give appreciation to games that, for some ungodly reason, arenít even MENTIONED in GOTY articles. Now, sure, my list does have some of the usual big-hitters, but a few might surprise some of you. Also, the reason some games are off my list (MGS4, especially) is because I didnít play them. This list is dedicated to games I actually played, not ones that deserve my accolades simply because Iíve watched them in action. So, without further ado, hereís Pendeltonís 2008 Games That I Really Liked:

10. Mirrorís Edge

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!? DO YOU NOT KNOW FUCKING RPG PERFECTION WHEN IT'S STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?!!? I have scoured, SCOURED, the Internet looking for a GOTY year list that even MENTIONS this game. The fact that this isn't in the top 5 on most people's lists makes me fucking sick. This is, hands down, the greatest RPG released in the past 10 years, the best DS game ever, the greatest game released this year, and one of the ebst things Square-Enix has ever touched. The story of a newly-deceased child who has 7 days to win a game, and come back to life, is one of the most interesting storylines I've ever seen in an RPG. Everything about this game is different: the battles are split into 2 screens, with each screen controlling a different character, and different moves. Power-ups are given to you depending on what clothing you're wearing, and what's popular at the time. Attacks are used through pins you collect. Battles are activated by dragging enemy symbols to your character. GOD DAMMIT! I could go on for fucking HOURS talking about this game. It's...it's just amazing. I am so, so distressed that, like, no one else has played or seen this game. It's one of the greatest gaming experiences ever, and completely deserving of the title of Game That I Loved in 2008.
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