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Console Gaming Exclusive for Casual Gamers?

Are the clear target towards console gaming. They are "the masses" developers seem to aim their software towards. Is this wrong from a business standpoint? Not in the least, but what of the hardcore/competitive gamers? Are they a dieing breed now?

I find it truly difficult to believe that casual gamers cannot withstand the thought of a game that has a learning curve, challenges and a skillful multiplayer experience. More skill than luck, or pure skill with virtually no sign of luck,

Can we expect casual gaming to continue to reign the console gaming experience? There was a time when anykind of online gaming was directed towards and played by hardcore/competitive gamers. Now, it is open towards all types of gamers, obviously casuals since they are not the minority.

Is this the rise or fall of console gaming? Will developers ever take the gamble of releasing a game where hardcore/competitive gamers will reign superior while casuals can still come on and still find an enjoyable experience? One can only hope such a developer is capable.

In my opinion, you CAN release a game aimed towars the hardcore/competitve gamers while still having the majority of money/gameplay by the casuals. Just because it's not a pick-up and play game doesn't mean you should be intimidated so much that you return it days after purchasing it. Developers should stop seeing us as a bunch of incapable beings who prefer comfort blankets and spoonfed easy, simple experiences. We are human beings, we are known for adapting and learning. Shouldn't we be treated as such?

Yes, it's "just a game", but it's also our money. Am I the only one who finds a little bit of insult from these developers when they release games that don't challenge us or make us think? I know for a fact that many, many, many of you are capable of it. We need a team to recognize our abilties. A game where casual and hardcore/competitive gamers can both play, where at the same time not co-exist in the multiplayer experience. Because who wants to play a kid that plays a game religiously, or the other way around? Playing people of similiar skills/hours put into a game is one of the best approaches for this, off the top of my head of course.

Hopefulyl that wasn't flamebait. Would just like to see less casual games and LITTLE more hardcore/competitive games. Because in all honesty, if you release a badass game, people will play it for more than a month. Whereas the casuals will linger or move onto the next big title/sequal.
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