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Tactix Is My New Best Freind

Finally, after 4 labor-intensive, caffeine-fueled, hallucination-filled exam days, I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL! No more classes, no more grades, nothing. So, I was able to move back home last night, and enjoy a nice meal with my family and a relaxing night of Rock Band and Taiko Drum Master. After a nice night of sleep, I thought things couldn't get any better for me. Oh how wrong I was, as I was greeted this afternoon with this:

What a fucking haul! First of all, I got one of the gifts I was asking for, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by the brilliant writer and TV host Anthony Bourdain. If you've ever seen his show No Reservations, or work in any area of the restaurant trade, you owe it to yourself to get this book.


Inside the front cover of the book was a crappy, tourist-loving postcard from San Francisco, adorned with this lovely note:

"Happy Holidays from SF! I hope you enjoy the gift! See you on the 'Toid! -Tactix"

The postcard was addressed to me at my alternate mailing address, Amazing St. Apt. 1337, Ubercooltown, XX.

It also came with a really, really shitty drawing of the Dtoid robot (I don't care if you're a scientist, a 5-year-old could do better!), and a post-script telling me to enjoy some PAX swag....WHA?!!?

Yep, aside from my gift, I was also given 4 temporary tattoos (3 that say Damnation, and 1 advertising LOTRO), a comic book revealing the backstory of Legendary (which I may have to pick up), and an iron-on patch for Star Wars Miniatures and Roleplaying Games.

Best. Gift. Ever.
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