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BabaGeek: In EGM, Get'um While They're Hot


Son's Take
When I got the magazine, I sat down with my son and explained to him what a magazine is, and that thousands of people read this magazine. I think it sunk in... so I started flipping through the pages. He was asking questions about the images he saw and what not. Then I got to our page.

Jatin: "How did I get in there?"
Me: "A nice man from the Magazine asked me if we would like to be in it, and I said yes."
Jatin: "Is that you Baba?"
Me: "Yes"
Jatin: "Where is Navin?" (This is my other son, who was dressed like Pit from Kid Icarus)
Me: I was very proud at this moment, because he realized that his brother was left out, and he felt bad. I told him as much too.
Jatin: "Where is Mama?"
Me: I have awesome kids... "Mama didn't wear a costume, but she is mentioned in the article. Let me read it to you"
So I start to read the article (censoring as I go of course) and in the first question response, I mention Dr. Light...
Jatin: "Is Dr. Light nice?"
Me: "Yes"
Jatin: "Dr. Wily is not nice."
Me: "No he is not." My first son, so far, is a gamer through and through

I love my family.
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