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BabaGeek: In EGM, Get'um While They're Hot


* Hoping this doesn't come off as me gloating *

For those of you who are interested... and don't listen to Retroforce Go, and Don't go into the forums, and have read my blogs about this years Halloween Costumes that I made... this blog is for you (and anyone else who cares).

Right after I finished the costumes I was contacted by EGM. They actually wanted to put me in the magazine, and asked if I would be interested in something like that. My response was... "Well duh, yeah" So the writer proceeded to send me a list of questions in e-mail that I could respond to. He said the questions were light-hearted so have fun with it. He was also nice enough to send me a few copies, well they finally arrived. EGM Jan 2009 Issue #236, and there on page 18 is Captain Nerd, as they seemed to have label me.


Captain Nerd:
Kevin Craine

For the Craine family, father nerds best. Proof: Nintendo nut Kevin Craine, the proud dad of two sons, not only pieced together two clever videogame-themed Halloween costumes for his boy but also one for himself (precious--we know). We recently spoke with Craine about making his kids look like adorable dorks.

EGM: Your son's Mega Man costume is pretty darn cool. But some think it's false advertising to call your wee boy a mega "man." Whaddaya say to that?

Kevin Craine: Dr. Light designed Mega Man as if he were his own son. It only seemed appropriate that I create a costume that would represent the fat
her-son relationship that we enjoy so much. And if anyone gives us grief about that hot pew-pews next year.

EGM: So you've made some detailed costumes for both your sons and yourself, but how come you haven't done anything for your wife? Does she not like princesses or peaches?

Kevin Craine: My wife's awesome, and she's graciously helped build these one-of-a-kind costumes. But the geek factor's just too high for her to join us as Princess Lana. That, and Princess Peach is a bitch.

EGM: Now that Halloween's over, are you already thinking about costumes for next year? We hear Bomberman will be next year's Mega Man?

Kevin Craine: I have been racking my brain for ideas. All I can say is this: I have to convince my son that Barney's evil -- and that hurling bombs through the air is the best way to make new friends.

Battling bots is child's play.

My Take
So they made me out to be a nerd, I prefer the geek moniker, but whatever... Me and my son are in a nationally distrubuted gaming magazine, and a popular one at that! Sure, the web is the medium that is most popular now, but there is something about being in print, especially for an old gamer like me that remembers reading EGM back in the day!

As for the content... they changed one line. And I am a little upset that they did, but understand why. During the interview with Popular Mechanics and this one, I tried to drop some Destructoid meme's. The line that reads "Pricess Peach is a bitch" should read "Pricess Peach is a cock-teasing bitch", but alas it did not make the cut. The gravy on top was that I got Chad to say on RFGO that it was great to see "Pricess Peach is a bitch", while he was referring to it just being in the magazine... I still got him to admit Pricess Peach is a bitch.

Wife's Take:
I so wish that I had captured my wife's reaction on film when I showed her the article. It went something like this:

Wife: "Captain Nerd, OH MY GOD, they called you Captain Nerd!"
Me: I start laughing... then I snort...
Wife: "Now you sound like a nerd when you laugh, oh god..."
"I don't want to be the wife of a nerd... a geek maybe, but not a nerd"

Son's Take
When I got the magazine, I sat down with my son and explained to him what a magazine is, and that thousands of people read this magazine. I think it sunk in... so I started flipping through the pages. He was asking questions about the images he saw and what not. Then I got to our page.

Jatin: "How did I get in there?"
Me: "A nice man from the Magazine asked me if we would like to be in it, and I said yes."
Jatin: "Is that you Baba?"
Me: "Yes"
Jatin: "Where is Navin?" (This is my other son, who was dressed like Pit from Kid Icarus)
Me: I was very proud at this moment, because he realized that his brother was left out, and he felt bad. I told him as much too.
Jatin: "Where is Mama?"
Me: I have awesome kids... "Mama didn't wear a costume, but she is mentioned in the article. Let me read it to you"
So I start to read the article (censoring as I go of course) and in the first question response, I mention Dr. Light...
Jatin: "Is Dr. Light nice?"
Me: "Yes"
Jatin: "Dr. Wily is not nice."
Me: "No he is not." My first son, so far, is a gamer through and through

I love my family.
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