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10 things I learned this week: Not really a 10 things post Edition

Yes, I know I said I wouldn't make a 10 things post, but there were some things I wanted to say and I didn't want to put it off for another week. So if you want a list, go over to my Top 20 post.

First off I want to thank and apologize to Welkstar once more. For those of you who didn't check the updated post, Welkstar was my Secret Santa and was the one who got me all that awesome stuff. Not Rockvillian like I originally thought.

What happened was that I saw Rockvillian's quote from my last post:

And made the assumption that because he was hoping I liked my present, that he was my Secret Santa and in hindsight I realize how stupid it was to jump so easily to that conclusion. I wish now that I double checked with Cataract before I made that post but I was just so excited that I made the post without thinking.

I realize I fixed my mistake but I still feel really bad about it because I know I would be pissed if somebody else was given credit for something awesome I did.

So once again thank you so much Welkstar. What you did was amazing and you deserve to have the best damn Holiday Season ever for that.

I would also like to reiterate THAT THIS IS IN NO WAY ROCKVILLIAN'S FAULT. This was just me fucking up, not him taking credit for somebody elses work. And I hope to god nobody sent him any hate filled PMs and if people did I would like to apologize to Rockvillian as well.

And on another note I would like to discuss something Jonathan Holmes discussed in his blog about the VGAs. I won't link to it because I am putting this together quickly because most of my time is going toward my 20 things post. Basically I agreed with all his points on why the VGAs were shit, however I did disagree with what he said about a Videogame Award program can't be seen on TV and not suck. I think a Videogame Award show can be on TV and not suck, it just can't be done on Spike TV. Spike TV is an idiotic channel and the mentality behind their programs is Violence+Tits=Ratings which will dumb down everything they do. That's why there were women dressed as silver angels and all the ads.....uh, I mean trailers were all for violent games. If, say, G4 held their own VGA's I think they would be better then what Spike is offering. Now, I don't think very highly of G4 but I think they would handle it better then Spike. We would probably get the same crap but I think it would be more tolerable and, if given time, would gradually become better.

Until something like that happens, I think the best course of action to do is to boycott Spike's VGA's. Yes, I know these internet boycotts and petitions never ever work, but considering the negativity I always hear about it I wouldn't be surprised if a Boycott of the VGA's proved to be at least a little bit effective. I don't know about the rest of you, but this year is the last year I put myself through that crap. So you do what you want to do.

Also, I haven't gotten around to making my Christmas Fetus avatar yet which I am kind of dissapointed about. This does have a positive side to it because I would like to ask you all what you would like to see in an Aborto Christmas avatar? Do you want candy canes, wreaths, or just a fetus in a sant hat? I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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