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A Time To Destroy: Zombies


Man do I love zombies. Whether it's Resident Evil, Shaun Of The Dead or eventually World War Z, give me something with the living dead in it and I'll like it in some way (well except for Resident Evil: Extinction, but screw that film) But can I really call my self a Zombie lover when the only thing I love about them is destroying them? Here are just a few of the games that I have destroyed Zombies in.

Resident Evil

Ah yes, Resident Evil, one of the classic zombie games and the game that put survival horror on the map. It was my first experience of zombies as covered by a previous musing post and once I got over my fear, There have been many times where I've played Resident Evil for some zombie killing fun. Of course, the series isn't all zombies but since they're generally the weakest enemies (apart from those bastard crimson heads) it's more fun to run around and pop their heads off with that good old shotgun. (possibly while eating a Jill sandwich) The very first Resident Evil game was my favourite for this. I mean I know it was 1996 but even by a zombies standard, the zombies in the first game had no brains, so you could easily lead them into a wall and then exact your kill. Or play zombie dodging USA. Your choice

Left 4 Dead

I can't even play this game until next week (captain obvious cookie for the answer) and yet just by playing the demo I know that I'm going to have a fun time destroying zombies in this game. From the off, I was enjoying killing the undead straight away Of course it's all fun and games during a horde until you run out of SMG ammo but while it lasts, I get such a thrill. Of course like Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead has it's fair share of tougher zombies and enemies but it all comes down to acting crazy and shooting those damn cars just attract a horde. All for fun. I wouldn't last five minutes in a real zombie apocalypse with a car alarm addiction like this.

Dead Rising

Another Capcom game and the closest I believe a zombie game has gotten to Shaun Of The Dead. Why is that? Obviously the game is heavily inspired by George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead but the fact that you play as an everyday Joe Bloggs who will use whatever he can find against the zombie apocalypse just appeals to me so much. As well as being a great game, Dead Rising was just fun to mess about in. It didn't matter if you weren't progressing, just along as you could kill a zombie with a shopping trolley.

Of course these aren't the only games involving destroying and zombies, But these were 3 particular games that stuck in my mind when it comes to destroying the destroyers of humanity. Roll on Christmas day. I'll be fighting the zombie apocalypse this Christmas.
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