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A time to destroy: Badly planned, bastard achievements/trophies


The advent of 360 achievement points (and trophies too) has added a superb thing to gaming, and while many may bark at those, like myself that enjoy them, I can honestly say I finish more games now because of them and the fun of any game.

One thing that has annoyed me though, is when I buy a superb game, only to later find out that the developers have not thought out and placed their achievements fairly throughout a game. Along side that it seems some developer don't bother to even put any thought into rewarding the players with them, placing the player to achieve what seems impossible at best, or a switch off bore at worst.

I 'd have to say, that the guiltiest parties of badly designed achievement placement at the moment, are some japanese developers, perhaps they still haven't gotten used to the concept yet. My hopes is that they do, because some of my coolest games have been spoiled by their lack of imagination and fairness in this area. Come on guys, show us you care enough.

I purchased DMC4 and while a fun game, it was spoiled by an odd save system (why it so hard to just let you save anywhere is beyond me, Capcom) and unforgiving achievement rewards. While it might mean little in japan, achievements need to be either planned out properly, and to not do so and release a game is quite annoying.

Has anyone had these kinds of problems with achievements, that they have just given up in frustration, or does the difficulty spur you on further? What games did you experience such frustrations with the most or least? And do you thiink those jap developer will ever get there achievement to be as good or inventive as western developers?
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