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How to not look like an idiot in Left 4 Dead's Versus mode


You've fought Tanks before, so at the very least you know what doesn't work. Your team scatters, some of them rush ahead in a foolhardy attempt to finish the level solo (only to get Hunter pounced seconds later), some attempt to take it head on, others just hide in closets till danger has passed. Your goal as a Tank is to recreate those situations. Coordinate with your team so that when a Survivor runs off by himself to escape your unbelievably massive pectorals, one of your Hunters will be there to take him out.
But don't play like the AI plays it. You might see AI controlled Tanks smashing repeatedly at downed survivors as if a prize might come out, but that is not the way to do things. Your only goal here is to incapacitate the survivors, so just move on after you get one down. One kill is not worth the damage it's going to cost you to stand totally stationary, a massive damage sponge trying desperately to turn Louis' face into a puddle of goo.
The other insanely useful tool at the Tank's disposal is the ability to throw otherwise completely immobile objects at his targets as if they were whiffle balls. Most stages have this tool available; urban environments have cars, wooded maps have large downed trees just aching to make some Survivor's day much, much worse. Chapter 4 of No Mercy even has a forklift for you to bat around like a kitten with a ball of string. So if you're ever feeling a little sluggish, remember, these objects, despite their size, will travel much faster towards your target, if given the correct motivation.

Well, that does it for my Versus mode guide. Hope you found it at least somewhat informative. The Infected might be the scourge of the planet and one of my greatest fears, but I'll be damned if they aren't fun to play. As always, I invite you to add me to your Steam friends list! I love having new 'Toiders to play with. And I'm getting a little tired of having the entire other team rage quit after round 1.
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