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Who say I have an Addiction?

Well to help not play WoW, cause even though I kinda play it again I have only logged on twice for good amount of time. So I went and bought a Nintendo DS....again! Take that WoW! This is my 6th one. I have owned multiple but at some point when games, where not around that I wanted to play I would sell it for money. No more though. I am gonna keep this one and actually play it more. I just bought the newer Blue and Black one. Lucky me last one they had at Best Buy. I also picked up a few of the games I wanted. Metal Slug 7 which is really fun. Alot like Mega Man 9 how it is old school looking but completely new game. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. cause I love Castlevania. And last but not least the game I am diving into to play first is Final Fantasty 4. I will post more depth about the games I picked up after I play them A bit more.
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