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Never say Never

So why is it all of the sudden a few weeks after getting rid of my WoW accounts I have a sudden urge, small, but still an urge to play again. What is so great this time around that I have to play?
I still have trouble seeing how this game is so addictive, and I am not saying that like I hate it. Cause if anyone knows me they know I loved that game for the last 3 1/2 years, give or take. So what makes it great enough that I cannot just drop it like any other game in the world?

I play other games all the time now even if I am not quite in the mood just to be playing something other than WoW. I know it sounds like if you took WoW and added Meth or something that would make alot more sense. Drugs have things in them that make you come back. What does WoW have because I played Wrath for a bit, and was not compelety satisfied. But as a videogame lover, I think games like WoW hold some certain feature that like of lets say Rockstar, that keeps you pumped and energetic to play. It is possible the fact it is an MMO, and playing with friends you know in real life, and in game taht you meet is really fun sometimes. Hell all the time. Who likes to play by themselves all the time? Not me. I of course do not mind playing solo games here and there, but all the time, with no interaction with real poeple I could not do.

Maybe it is not a bad thing to play it, just probably healthier to play alot less than what I use to. Still not saying I am playing, but if I did you would not really know cause I would be consumed but it.

Yeah I gave in, so what. Big deal. Whooptie do. Wanna fight about? I did not think so.

I guess I can never truly get away from WoW. I also think it is in large part to well all my friends do, so what am I gonna play? There was some Guild Wars which I still kinda play, that game is great. In between leveling I still play alot of Team Fortress 2. I love that game. From that bit of information I hope you can tell even though I am playing again for once I can moderate my own fun. By not being tied to one game and not wanting to do anything else. All in all I suppose it is good to be back to the norm per se without having urges to do things you do nt want. Instead give in to them, just moderate them. That is the key to......fun.

Cool Story.
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