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So I recently bought myself a MSI Wind u100. It is a netbook. Most people are aware now that they are great for the net, some entertainment, email, and such simple stuff. But fewer know it can be a full laptop replacement. I use it to game and everything in between. Gaming is a post for another day, so here is more on wh I got this and what I got.

I went and bought the cheapest model so I could upgrade it myself for the price of the best but making it even better than the highest costing one. This is the main reason most people love the Wind over all other netbooks, it is fully customizable.

By doing so I got this for specs:

-Overclocked to 2.0ghz Intel Atom (comes underclocked at 1.4)
-2gigs of ram (comes with 1gig ram)
-320gig 7200rpm HDD (comes with 120gig 5400rpm)
-Intel Wifi N card (comes with b/g)
-9cell battery (comes with 3cell)

all those upgrades you must be thinking I spent more than $500. But I did not. In fact the spent just that. which is $70 more than the highest priced model on Mwave. So I got twice the computer for a fraction of the cost in upgrades. And now have spare parts lying around like I usually do when I am messing with computers.

So after is all said and done I got one hella of a deal on something that I can do everything on.
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