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Needs To Be Said (NVGR)

I can't help but feel anger, and a huge amount of insult at what happened the other day during a George W Bush press conference in Iraq...A 29 year old man, a reporter for a TV station based in Cairo threw 2 shoes at the President. Mind you, I'm in no way shape or form a supporter of Bush, and am almost always on the opposite side of the spectrum with respect to his policies...But I am an American, and for better or for worse, he is the head of my country...So I would love to know the answer to a very simple question...

Where the fuck were this guys balls when Saddam was in charge? Why wouldn't he have thrown his footwear (a very large insult in the Arab world) at the Iraqi dictator? I know the answer, but would love to hear the bullshit that would come forth from this mans mouth. The answer is fear. Fear that he, his family, his friends, and any person he had ever met would be tortured slowly, maybe in front of him, before he was castrated, and hung out publicly as a show of force and to quell any thoughts of an uprising...

So the "man" who threw a shoe at the President of the US for "the murdered citizens, for the Iraqi orphans, and for a war on the citizens of Iraq" is a stone cold coward, and a liar on top of it. If he had so much outrage, where was it when the dictator was in power? The guy who threw the shoes is nothing but a cunt. Bush is by no means innocent, but the fact that the guy who chucked both his shoes at the leader of the free world is alive, and his relatives and friends are safe after his stunt is something he wouldn't have had before...Hopefully he will realise that....As empty as that is, it's the truth.
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