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My review of your review

I don't do reviews, i've never thought i should try to do one. I've never had that urge to try to rate or judge a game based on my experience of it. I've given props to games, i've given recomendations to buy a game but never have thought that i had the balls to tell you how i rate a game because i know most of you don't care what i think and i know it.

But as of late it seems we have alot of Eberts running around writing a review of a game we know is good without having to read a review for it. We have experts that write reviews and every Tom, Dick and Jane with or without an avatar thinks we should hear his rating. Let me stop you right here and just say stop it. We don't need twenty-one user reviews of gears2 or lbp. We know its good, we know and don't need your two cents to figure it out.

How about writng a review of something that no-one hasn't reviewed yet, like Age of Booty or something else obscure that we don't see every day. And another thing i don't like is a review of a game over two years old. We are all supposed to be the "hardcore" gamers here and we know that GoW2 or Super Mario World is a great game and don't need further motivation to play it or buy it. Once again, we know these things.

We all have our opinions on games but we also have editors who write better reviews and touch on more because they are professionals amd know how to critique something. We may not agree and may want to try the game anyway, we have our ways but when Jim Sterling says the new sonic game ain't the hedgehogs second coming, i take his word and don't disagree. I haven't played the game and can't argue with his reasoning. And we don't need a fucking Tomb Raider review, we all know the game sucks and is just trying to survive to make enough money for the company to break even. Quit buying the games and let her die, we need a new blood omen or even gex, not a tomb raider.

And those people who write reviews of the sacred games, the old school classics we know are great, have the common sense to realize this a gaming community, mainly filled with hardcore fanatics who have been there to play super mario world, streets of rage, final fantasy3 (6), chrono trigger, zelda, sonic and so many others that we know and don't need to be reminded of their awesomness. They are sacred and should and will remain that way without your two cents. You are only leading us to believe you just have now played them, which is good but a review isn't. Where i live people don't sing about moonshine, because some things are sacred to people. The old classics are our moonshine, we can talk about them, praise them,play them over and over, but not judge them, they have been judged and to do it again after they been under the knife for too many years is not a tribute to them, they have earned their lot fair and square.

This may be a failblog but its what i feel i must say about all these pointless reviews and the people who write them. You may not agree with me and that's fine, i said what i wanted to say that i think is on everybody's mind.

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