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How to not look like an idiot in Left 4 Dead


Seriously, though, Tanks fuck everything up. They have an uncanny ability to make you forget absolutely everything about how to actually play the game in your mad scramble to escape the section of sidewalk hurtling towards your head. Very honestly, I'm not even sure I'm the one who should be giving advice on these guys considering that my record going up against them has been... less than stellar. I can, however, tell you about strategies I have seen work out, usually after my corpse has been sufficiently splattered across the pavement by that meatfisted shitbasket. First of all, don't let him scatter you. If you panic and retreat into the nearest side room, he's just going to pick off your teammates one by one and you'll be up shit creek in no time. There's always the ol' "throw a Molotov and run like hell" strategy that works in many situations, just make sure you can put space between you while you wait for the flames to take the desired effect. If you're unlucky enough to encounter a Tank near the start of a level, it is also advisable simply take cover in your safe room, although I've heard scattered reports of Tanks breaking down safe room doors, so try it at your own risk. If your team is healthy enough to move quickly, (and assuming you won't have to deal with other infected harassing you at the same time) your best bet is going to be swarming around him in such a way that he'll constantly change his mind about who to rush at in a technique known as 'kiting'. He'll twist around and scream at each of you in turn while you pound shotgun shells into his chest. You can also use this tactic to move your team around him to make a mad dash for the safe house, assuming you're close enough. Of course, safe houses are not always the goal. Sometimes you've got to get rid of the Tank before rescue can arrive.
As douchey as it sounds, the most reliable way I've found to get rid of the Tank is to exploit his crummy path finding AI. Tanks have a bad habit of getting stuck in window frames, slowing them down much more than they do survivors. It's especially problematic if he tries to switch targets or directions mid-window, so use that to your advantage. They also encounter similar errors with some frequency when dealing with oddly-shaped props and set pieces, so watch for that whenever possible. If there are other suggestions for taking down Tanks (you know, besides 'shoot at it until it dies'), throw 'em in! I'm listening.

That does it for today's tips. Take these to heart and you'll be snagging the What are you trying to prove? achievement in no time. Incidentally, if you need someone to help you out, feel free to hit up me or my bros any time you like! We're always up for a game.
You might have noticed that these were all survivor tips that work best in campaign mode, so watch for a How to not look like an idiot in Left 4 Dead's versus mode sometime in the future. Till then, go kick some infected ass. I'll see you out there.
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