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The Wolf's First Snack: Forum/Gamer Sheep= Yum!


Not to generalize all of you as a bunch of brain-dead sheep who all "ba-a-a-ah" the same note, but hear me out if you care for a delicious teeth-sinking rant on "the masses" (sheep).

***For the record: This blog applies towards all forums and online game communities. I will mainly focus my attention towards the xbox community however. Since that is my main stomping grounds.***

Let's use our imagination, for those of us who still have some brain capacity after spending X amount of time on forums or online games.

Let's pretend that "God" decided to descend from the "Heavens" one day to make a thread here, and tell us DIRECTLY which "religion" is right. He will make a very nice post, no wall-o-text, no rants, or harassment. You'd think that it's a flameproof thread, right? In the eyes of anyone whose never been here before, yes. It's the perfect forum thread. The thread title isn't in all caps and he showed respect in his post.

So even though GOD just told us the RIGHT religion, if any, maybe he said there is none, that even he doesnít exist! But nonetheless, you just heard it from THE #1 SOURCE of what's the truth. You will get this one stupid little forum troll who will waddle his way in here, after such a great post is made. Only to point out a SPELLING ERROR in his post. Instead of staying to topic, and taking in the truth.

So, that's your argument? Going against a kid as the Grammar Police?

That's my biggest beef with this forum. You can give the most valid, legit argument in the world. Give the best case, where no one can step up to you and counter it, or turn it around. Then you get these inbred little sheep bastards that have to rely on GRAMMAR in an argument, without offering any real counterpoints or "comebacks" for that matter.

So in short, if you are a grammar police kid, you are not proving anyone wrong. You are slowing down the process of a good debate/argument with your juvenile sheep tactics. I say sheep, because you are like everyone else who has nothing to offer here. You are better off sheered and slaughtered like the rest of them.

(I am Agnostic, not that it matters. It was just an example, one of the best to come to mind with the time I spared).

It would not surprise me to see a thread by a person of actual authority to correct the "people", only to be retaliated by some sheep-like *** child who has to point out one typo in his entire post. Only to derail the thread. People like this are a cancer to the XBL forums, and we've ALL seen it and ALL been victims of their BS antics. Can mods or anyone do anything about it? No, they continue to get away with being stupid. I don't agree with people living their lives in a bubble of stupidity. We need to help them, break free of the herd! Be a wolf, not a sheep.

While I am at it, here are a few one-liners you will hear sheep ba-a-a-ah to you to "counter" your arguments online or in forums:

- "You only say that because you are bad at the game"
- "Someone must've had a bad game"
- "(Game Title) is a perfect game"
- "You have no life"

Honestly kids, if you are going to attempt a post/comeback that sounds awfully familiar to many, many others. Maybe you should reconsider hitting that post button.

I donít know which community is worse, the people on XBL or the "people" on it's forums.
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