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Japanese PSN Game Archives continue to be amazing

Unlike the western PSN stores the Japanese PSN gets biweekly PSOne classic updates in the Game Archives. This week there are another five games, that are some pretty nice additions to the line-up.

1. Silver Jiken - The Silver Case

Goichi Suda (No More Heroes) fans may know this title at least by name, since it's own of his earlier works. It's an adventure game, that apparently has a pretty good story. I haven't played the game, so I wouldn't know. This game releasing on PSN is a bit of a surprise, because the game is to be ported over to the DS soon. (Hopefully with a translated version!)

2. Saga Frontier 2

Saga Frontier was a really quirky and partly broken game, that I still enjoyed very much. Saga Frontier 2 gets rid of the different stories of the first game and concentrates on one story. Still that story jumps between places, time and main character a lot. I never got around to finishing it, which is sad, because it's a really nice game.

3. Bushido Blade 2

Bushido Blade is a really strange series and the main idea was pretty interesting back then. It's a samurai fighting game with single hits being lethal. Yes, that sounds crazy and it actually is. The gameplay doesn't really work, how it should. Still I had a lot of fun around the release time of the game.


I LOVE PUZZLE BOBBLE. And this is Puzzle Bobble. It's actually the upgraded Saturn version of the game. Not much to say about this. If you like Puzzle Bobble, you will like this. Although everybody, who likes Puzzle Bobble, has already played more than enough of this. Please Taito make a HD Puzzle Bobble based on the original designs with online play and put it out on PSN and XBLA. I have nobody in my area, who is anywhere near my skill level.


YEAH! PSOne bewbs.
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