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New Dragonball Trailer shows Green Piccolo! Goku, still white


---As originally posted on Japanator.com

Hollywood, you sly devil. In this war for box office profit with movie adaptations you wage, the fanboys are often the first casualties, but now there's something different. What's this I see? Piccolo is green? GREEN?! You've changed something in your movie into something that is actually similar to it's source material?

Fresh from the internets in this dreary Wednesday morning, DBthemovie.com serves us up a new trailer of the newly-renamed, highly doubted film adaptation Dragonball: Evolution. Judging from this trailer, stuff we've seen in the anime are present such as planet destruction and balls of dragons. I can't help but feel weird with aspects of the movie shown in the trailer, such as the fights being done in over-wrought wire-fu glory while the CG effects have little to no use in the fight sequences.

Everybody knows that the fights in Dragon Ball are very much like the final fight between Neo and Agent Smith in the last Matrix movie. Also, please don't tell me that sorry-ass fireball is a Kamehameha.
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