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Dragon Quest X was announced minutes ago. Wii-bound!

I decided to peruse Neogaf before bed. That was a mistake as it turned out Squareenix was holding some mysterious Dragon Quest event.

I'm going to keep this short because there isn't much to be said.

"The next 10 Dragon Quest Wii" and voluntarily Yuuzi Horii, who was speciousness. "First of all you Dragon Quest 9!" People say.

That is a google translation, provided by some gaffer, of the official announcement. Some Japanese blog is live blogging it, they changed their headlines to 'Dragon Quest X coming to Wii' so unless it's a complete hoax, than that seems pretty legit. I guess we'll see later on today.

image provided by NeoGaf

UPDATE: Reuters confirms, Also DQ IX date and price.

I've never played Dragon Quest but I've always wanted to. I know this will be a huge deal for Japan, and along with Monster Hunter it seems that Nintendo has all but won the land of the rising sun.

This a big deal for you guys?
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