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Street Fighter IV Collectors Edition will rock your socks...

...if you're buying it for the PS3. Otherwise, well it'll probably still rock but a bit less. People who know me will be surprised that I'm even writing a blog about Street Fighter because I'm not a fan of the series. But I love me some special editions. The sole reason I bought GTAIV. I still think that game is overrated but that's something for another blog.

I don't know about that headband though. But then again, maybe it works and even I can win a round. Not too sure about that. Maybe if I soak it in Coke.

So, considering these differences,what version are you going to buy? Are you going to go for the best D-pad and the better collectors edition? Do you even care about Special Editions?

[via: Ps3fanboy and Gamestop ]
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