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How to make Left4Dead as much fun as possible.

I bought Left4Dead(360) and love it. I'm going to skip all the pre-praising and get straight to the point: how to make this awfully addictive co-op game as much as possible.

I'm usually playing both VS and Campaign, so I'm going to list the things I do to have a lot more fun than being like "oh, its another co-op shooter." But this post will focus on Campaign mode. Versus will be a later post.



The most important thing I do is play a role with each character; Francis being the badass mofo who shoots everything that moves, Zoey being the chick who seems like she's good at maternal and medical naturing(well that's what horror movies have proved anyway), Bill being the old geezer who came back from the war and Louis as the black guy with a lot of money and is now like, "oh shit I had no idea being a professional in IT would lead to this!"

The roles I usually play are dependent on the character. If I'm Zoey, I'll stand behind everyone and make sure everyone's okay. If I'm Francis, I bust through doors, guns firing. With Louis, I'm a bit more paranoid around going around corners, and Bill I'm just like "Lets just get this over with". I try to set my mindset to the survivors, and it's a lot more immersion than just picking a "skin" and playing through the game. It's a lot more fun actually being the characters and acting out the scenario. Whether or not the people you play with will do the same thing(I'd recommend a friends only game for stuff like this), but if you get everyone to do it, its a much more fun game experience.


The most annoying thing I see online is people using pipe bombs and cocktails wrecklessly. Pick what you need, not whats impulsively in front of you. It blows my mind every time I see someone take a cocktail and either: a) not use it b)use it at the wrong time or c)use it to trap the survivors in some sorf ot trap.


If you're going to choose the right weapon, support and grenades for the job, discuss it with your teammates or show some type of visual or audio cue when doing so. There are times where I'm at full health and I see some pain pills or a health pack. Instead of taking it, I look at my teammates health and I use the context voice button to draw attention to the character I'm playing with to let the other players know what's nearby(I really don't talk with a mic unless it's friends). Too many games where I've seen players horde items and not use them or use them on myself. Which brings me to...

Healing and Revival

"Dude I'm at 15 health and you guys have a health pack and pain pills each and I'm slowly bleeding my life away and OHMYGOD A HUNTER JUST POUNCED ON ME"

If this has happened to you, feel free to post. I've come across people who are are grateful and give me pain pills or heal me. You have to work as a team, STOP HORDING HEALING ITEMS! If you don't need it, don't take it; let someone else take it for their benefit. And if you do take it, just give it to them. I've learned from playing that if you show consideration to your teammates, they will return the favor.

Revival is another important thing that some players really fail to do. I understand there's a lot of shit going on and its hard to revive someone while fighting a mob of Infected, but the worst thing can happen when you're at the back of the pack and a Smoker constricts you and there's nothing you can do. And this is how most players fail at teamwork: does anyone even pay attention to the on screen cues? There's no way in hell you can miss a bright ass yellow exclamation mark sign in front of you that says "X needs help" or whatever it says. Unless you're color blind or visually impaired, there's no way you can't see that. And if you're too far away to save a person, try anyway. I've seen a lot of last second saves, so there's absolutely no excuse to go and not rescue someone.


I usually love to explore. The AI director always places random items in random rooms and areas so you don't know what to expect. Of course we all know this what makes the game fresh. Instead of taking one route every time, try exploring the maps. Most likely your teammates will stick with you while you explore, and you may discover a new path,m items, or both. Or a cleverly placed Hunter. This also increases the game's creepy mood because you don't know what's around the corner.

Listen to the music, please Oh, and what the survivors are saying

f it's one thing I love absolutely the most, is the music. Ever changing depending on the event at hand, from idle creepytime theme to UHOH theres a Witch nearby, it's always grasping to hear and a really big key element to anticipate what's coming. When I hear the Tank theme, I'm alert and ready to fight(and most likely lose) this inevitable battle. Not only does hearing the Tank theme shake me up, it makes me look at my health and inventory and my teammates. It triggers a mental indecisive feeling, and it really puts a lot of fun pressure on you. Creeping past the witch with that creepy tune going in the background makes it a lot harder to do, and even the slightest light or gunshot will set her off. And the Smoker theme? Classic. Once I hear those piano keys I know it's pretty much over for me.

The survivors have a lot to say. Be it jokes, tips, or just talking amongst themselves, they always have stuff to say. When their health is low, they get even more stressed out and aware of what's around them. This is self explanatory, so I won't go into to much detail. But "Medpacks over here" have saved my life plenty of times.

Left4Dead is a game that took me by surprise(at first I was like "meh another shooter") but ever since I played it, I've been hooked on it and I'm always finding more and more ways to play this open-ended survival horror of a shooter.
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