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Level 5 to go exclusive after White Knight success?

Yep, that may be right. I'm gonna paste the original article now for you to read instead of linking it. This is written by Ben Dutka of psxextreme.com

"Merely hours after we questioned Square-Enix's potential bias this generation, we've learned that PlayStation 3 owners may leap aboard another competent developer's bandwagon.

Many of our readers have already expressed complete faith in Level 5 this generation, as the highly anticipated White Knight Chronicles is high on the priority list for most RPG fans. In fact, some have come right out and said, "forget Square-Enix; we're siding with Level 5 this time." Well, you may have a point: the latest rumor says Level 5 has signed a deal with Sony, stating that if WKC is a commercial success, the developer will create games exclusively for PlayStation platforms. This rumor comes from European gaming site PS3 Life, although they're not indicating a specific source. We do know of several other developers - Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Sucker Punch, etc. - who have similar deals with Sony, and that has led to exclusive franchises like Jak, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Uncharted, and Resistance. Could Level 5 toss their lot in with Sony in the future? If this rumor is true, does this give you even more incentive to support WKC when it releases? Don't you want Level 5 exclusively on your side?

There's little doubt that White Knight Chronicles should be a great game, and if it also sells well, we might be able to look forward to many future Level 5 gems. Remember, the developer has frequently gone on record, praising the PS3's potential...perhaps it's time to solidify the relationship between developer and publisher!"

Well, i for one am glad to hear a great company may take up the position square held for so long and can't wait for this game. Awesome news for playstation owners like myself and the five other people who have a ps3.
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