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So you want to play the RE5 demo?


As I'm sure most of you have heard, the Resident Evil 5 demo became available on XBL in Japan today. If you've followed big filth's blog or neogaf among other sites, you'll have heard about a trick about using a hotmail/windows ID account with a location set to Japan to trick your 360 into thinking you're in Japan and then just creating a temporary account to download the demo.

Well, it seems that Microsoft has wised up to the trick and when you attempt to download the demo you'll get a message along the lines of "This download is not available for your location." So unless you jumped on the opportunity right when it became available, you won't be able to to do this. BUT, if you still want to play the demo, there are other methods:

1) Download the 5 rar files here.

2) Click on any part and Winrar will automatically combine their contents. Extract the product to your hard drive.

3) Burn the "Contents" folder to a CD. (Note: When you burn the CD make sure the "Contents" folder is the first thing you see on the CD, not the "Resident Evil 5 demo" parent folder the contents folder is in or else it will not work.)

4) Insert into your Xbox and the disc will appear as a "Mixed Media" disc. Just go into your Games Library and Biohazard 5 will appear under your recently played demos.

5) Enjoy!
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