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Where is the PS3 advertising?

Just a quick post on an observation a friend of mine made a few days back; Has anyone noticed the complete lack of any PS3 advertising on TV?.. (where I live at least, in Wales, UK)

Granted, I dont watch a hell of alot of T.V. but when I do I see a shit-load of Wii adverts for all of their products.

I even see my fair share of xbox 360 advertisments.

But where are all the PS3 adverts? Did they kinda just decide to pull back on the UK advertising on TV or somthing? I haven't exactley been a close follower of console sales numbers and the like, but I am aware that the PS3 is lacking in sales pretty much golbally?

Even though I'm not a fan of the PS3 (PS2 kicked ass) It just kinda strikes me as strange, the complete lack of advertising for PS3.
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