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A time to destroy: Venting Frustration


In all honesty I feel that this is why violent videogames (in the right measure of course) are not just acceptable but even necessary for some, a good outlet can make the difference between a person just letting a real world annoyance go, and someone snapping and attacking a guy on the street for cutting him off in traffic.

If you disagree with me, try it yourself. Next time you are furious about something just start up whatever game you have where you just enjoy causing mayhem, put on your favourite energetic music (whatever pumps you up, blasting metal is my pick), play the game for a while and just let it all come out. You'll feel a lot better afterwards and you never know, you may just like it.

When you're pissed, it's time to destroy.

Here are some recommended games if you want a good vent, feel free to post yours too.
God of War
Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 (You may need to be good though, the high difficulty can frustrate some even further)
The GTA series (Random street violence sucks in real life, but in games it's awesome)
Incredible Hulk/Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
DefJam: Fight for NY
The Burnout Series
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