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Doom Action Figures: Toys you never knew you didn't want!

Doom action figures? Where?! Sign me up, right? Well stop right there...calm down! Take a breath. These are Doom action figures (legit, not fan made) but they are not from the game series. Yep, they are MOVIE based figures. Four of them to be exact. And there is a reason why you never heard of them. Okay, there is more than one reason. But the first is that they are only available in the UK. But if you are just dying to know...check them out.

Talk about win, right? They are still available actually, surprisingly (or not so surprisingly). You can pick them up here. But they cost 8.77 a piece and 33.77 for all four. That's a savings of at least 4! Hooray?

If you can't guess from the images, you can get...

Pinky (w/cybernetic wheelchair and pistol & grenade)

Sarge (w/BFG, pistol, grenade, & Scientist's arm)

Sever Imp (w/variant claw holding severed head, gripping claw, chewed-off arm & leg)

Reaper (w/Assault Rifle, pistol, grenade, & land mine)

How badly do you want these 6" figures?! I think I need to make my order NOW! Who cares that it looks like they weren't even trying to make action figures? Effort is OVERRATED! This is the stuff legends is made of. Epic movie gets EPIC figures!
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