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Will this game carry me to a criminal life?


Nowadays, videogames are dealed as a menace to the kids of today and tomorrow. Some people says that, because they are violent, they make people violent. Others say that they can turn your children into zombies in the screen.

What do i think about this?

My history with games.

I started with videogames when I was 3 years old, with the MSX of my father. My memories of those times are about playing "Choplifter" -A game where you control an helicopter and try to rescue some hostages in a 2d battlefield- and reading a book about Basic.

There were no more violence than making some white dots in the screen dissapear because you shoot to them other white dots.

Later, My dad bought me a NES clone made by MX-Onda

I used to play there Popeye and Elevator Action.

In those games, you can punch other people and shoot to gentlemen with hats.

This is no more than cartoon-violence. But ESRB would rate these as Everyone --6+ years old--. I played these while i was 4 years old.

Then the Master System 2 came to my house. I was playing Alex Kidd, Sonic, and a Mickey Mouse Game. I was under 6 years old. And the only "violent" game i had was Alex Kidd where you punch frogs, fish, bats, octopus...


You are perverting my mind!!

But in 1993, when I was 7, there was something wich hit my life: Jurassic Park.

And i saw something in a shopping day... A the Jurassic Park game for Genesis. So, for my birthday i had the console with Sonic and Jurassic Park. And those christmas i was gifted with a pack with Alisia Dragoon, Toe Jam & Earl, a side scroller where you control an angel, and a racing game.

Too much games to put photos... ^^

And so my games career followed with Dynamite headdy, Jungle Strike...

In 1996, i had my first computer. ┐Wich would be my first pc game? Duke Nukem 3d. -Followed by Command & Conquer Red Alert-
I was only 10.

And i discovered then similar experiences with Doom, Quake, James Bond, Half Life, Quake 2, and on, and on.

So, must be a serial killer right now, doesnt you?

Well... I have much more love for guns than the normal people -I live in Spain, here you need to pass a 20 questions test to have a license for shotguns and hunting rifles, wich i have-

The only thing i have killed are millions of polygons and lots of insects.

If the things they say are true, for play GTA3 with 15 years i should have rob a bank, abduct someone, or murder police agents, or steal cars... But that is not my case.


Why are there people that cant distinguish between virtual "reality" we see in games and the real reality we live everyday?

We have a book in Spain called "Don Quijote de la Mancha", by Cervantes.

That book speaks about a man wich reads a lot of knight novels -the actual version would be: A man plays a lot of games- He becomes crazy because he cant distinguish between the novels reality and the Reality, and becomes a knight-erranty

He chargues against a flock of sheeps because he sees an army, against a windmill because he sees a giant, and so on.

So. What can we learn about this?

1_ Similar thinks to violence related to games happened before 1605. But then was by the books.
2_ The people wich is violent because a game is crazy. And just killers that say "videogames made me do that".
3 _ A killer may be a gamer. But a gamer isnt a killer in almost 99,99999999% of people. How many people have killed or done something wrong to other people because of games? I can only remember 7 persons in all the gaming history.

4_ A game dont make your brain generate natural and adictive poison such nicotine. The adiction is made by Adrenaline mixed with great experiences with the game. It dont cause fatigue or such things if you dont play in a week. So it isnt bad for you health.

Thats all.

Thank you for reading.
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