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After the MASSIVE night I had last night (Happy Birthday Lucy), I really don't know how much I can write without collapsing (just goes to show how much I love my Dtoid). My friends and I took a journey through the cosmic gate and reached the outer regions of the human physique without even leaving the couch (keep in mind we had the Xbox 360 music visualization on a 50 inch LCD with Tool playing in the background while we were tripping balls...I swear those things combined were made for tweaking).

After my last post many people were unhappy with the way I 'praised' narcotics. However, if one was to click on the tabs for each of the substances I noted, it would have taken them to an information site specifically stating why it is bad and what effects it would bring. In all honesty, we live a world which is consumed by many things that many people consider to be bad or evil. These days the saying 'Just say No!' means shit because most misfits out there (and there are many whom don't fit into the 'normal' category of society which keeps on going in the ignorant way it does). I believe it to be better for people to know about the good and the bad of things, than to slap them in the head and say 'Don't do it!' because doing that is only going to provoke a person to be intrigued as to why it is you don't want them to do it. Maybe I'm just being short sited, who knows?

I promise that after this post I will attempt NOT to dowse these entries in encouraging the use of what is to be considered bad because it has been labeled illegal. It's just too bad that most of the things I do are considered to be illegal (I feel the F.B.I will be frequently checking in on my posts, but then again, I'm sure they have more to deal with than a egotistical gamer who loves abusing every freedom given to him, including the will to live)

Ok, I have kind of gone way off topic here. And I can't keep writing much ('Hooray!' says the people whom don't want to read this but for some reason still are reading it anyway) because I need a few Aspirin, lots of water and a good meal from KFC so it can start the extremely satisfying process of flushing out the chemicals (which in all rights, shouldn't be floating around in my body for too much longer) through my anus.

All I am going to say is this...

My version of a disclaimer:

I apologize if you feel this shouldn't be spoken about, but you can always go and join up with The Escapist if you want to be part of the rule following, moderated as fuck, arse kissing fanboy community it brings in with it where, if you say the right thing in the wrong way, you get banned for life. (You can't half tell this is a personal vendetta against that travesty of a site to gaming).

With that being said, I am going to finish with the point of this whole entry (Which I apologize in advance for its built up and lack of payoff). The point is, if you can tell me any other reason why Microsoft put in that fullscreen visualization for music on the Xbox 360 besides tripping balls and watching unreal visuals while listening to hypnotic tunes like Tool - Pushit and smoking DMT (Chemical that is released in your brain when you are in deep sleep which causes you to dream, hence its nickname Dreamtime) then please let me know you hypothesis on this because I can't think of anything else, but that maybe because I just love tripping balls.

I'm off to be a gradually increasing fat bastard and eat the awesome new All-Stars box at KFC which consists of a mini popcorn chicken, 2 wicked wings, a crispy strip, a piece of original fillet, small chips, a dinner roll, potato and gravy and a drink for $9.95! Fuck me! Must go, need to eat it...now!

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