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Chrono Trigger impressions from a first time player


For at least the last ten years or so I have always wanted to play Chrono Trigger. It was one of the RPGs that I would constantly hear about by everyone but I didn't have the money to invest in a cart. So of course, I was super excited when Square announced it was finally bringing the SNES classic to the DS. This morning I tore open my Gamefly mailer in excitement (seriously I had to request a new return mailer). I only got to play about two hours so far, but I can already tell what I am getting myself into.

The first thing I was confronted was two options. Do I want anime cut scenes and do I want touch screen functionality?. I figured I wanted the closest experience to the original as possible. I turned off the cut scenes, and the touch screen. Chrono Trigger started off pretty much verbatim like every other JRPG ever. Young boy and a small town going to a festival celebrating what have you. The setting already was starting to feel stale, but quickly my interest was piqued when I had to travel through time to save a young girl. Traveling back in time was fun and it was interesting to see the changes to the overworld albeit very minor. Two hours later, I had rescued a queen and stop her descended from disappearing from the time stream, meet a frog soldier and fought really easy battles.

The battle system wasn't too much like Final Fantasy and it did employ some interesting twists. For starters, even though I had the battles set to "wait" the monsters still moved around a little giving a sense of almost real-time which I thought was nice. I especially liked the combo attacks which reminded me a Tales of Symphonia ( I know Chrono was first, but not in my TIMEline har). I liked it there and I like it here just as much. It didn't feel all that difficult which I'm sure is just because I'm at the beginning. I did not try the active time option yet so I'll be sure to see If I like that later.

From my short time with the game, my favorite part came with the trail. I won't go into much considering other may not have played it yet (Hi Europeans!). But already a decision I made back at the fair had affected the outcomes of my verdict. I thought it was a nice way to make the players aware that his actions have a reaction in this game and I hope this is taken advantage of much more in the later game.

Already I can see what could make this game great and live up to the hype I've heard for years. So far I have no complaints to speak of but I do already feel a kinda fear coming from the multiple endings. I always am afraid I'll cut the game to short or choose the wrong ending. I also am hoping that the game isn't to long so it would be easy to warrant another play through to see a different outcome. Overall, I can't wait to delve even deeper into the world of Chrono Trigger.
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