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Happy New HDTV/RRoD Day!!!

After years of waiting, I am the owner of a brand new HDTV. It's not one of the TVs I researched over the years, not even the same technology. I got the Panasonic 42" 720p plasma viera for $549 on Black Friday. The tv is simply sex compared to my original tv. After waiting in line from 4am to 8am to get my cheap beauty, I was greeted with my second case of Red Rings of Death when I gleefully returned home.

Oh, the fail...

Two thoughts immediately jumped in my head:

1. FUCK!!!!

2. No mo' warranty. :(

That last one was probably more of a technicality. Basically, I was trying to convince myself to take it to this guy I know who makes a living fixing RROD'd Xboxes at his private-owned gaming shop.

So, here I sit watching HD College Football and Red Wing hockey, and all I wanna do is play some of my damn games in HD for the first time.

Anyone else being cock-blocked from enjoying HD gaming goodness?
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