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HADOU.....oh wait. Fake one. SSFIIT:HD RMX....."Impressions"


hmm...how do I do "random" here...

Clearly we all know it's out now. After last night's entourage of stars waiting damn near all night. (just to throw out some names, me, Mega Buster S, GenkiJAM,Phished) pretty much all of us went to bed pissed or left with dissatisfied taste of how fucking random XBLA stuff appears (i'm still lost as this came out around 6:30am yet I got Omega Five day 1 around 3:10 am....FIX IT MONEYSOFT) But let's Move on.

Missing most of my Street Fighter II competitive play due to still being young and a scrubby noob (never getting past frequent fireballs and trying to pronounce Ryu and Guile's name correctly.) I can't say I know the ins and outs day 1. Granted, Capcom (or rather, Sirlin) was constantly giving us updates on changes, I kept up. But to get to the point, I missed out on Super Turbo in the arcades due to still being young, not having my own income and/or way to the closest arcade to get games in. Now that this is out and about, I really didn't think i'd be as good as i've showed myself so far. Seeing SFII top playing is very much different than 3S top play. So lets look.

I want this out the way first. I like OC remix and all (Love the sonic remixes.) but I really truly don't have a feel for their remixes on ST music. Maybe cause i'm still hard for the classic versions. I don't know, but outside of Sagat and Cammy's Remix themes, i'm not satisfied at all. Claw's (Vega in america.) remix starts off good but just gets more boring deeper in. Hell, I enjoyed listening to the remix Ken theme at the main menu more than half of the remix stage themes (and i'm rather confused on why that's not Ken's remix theme.) But whatever can't please everyone. The classic sounds also return. From the classic Hadouken, to Sagat's Tiger Knee. They even switched Guile's wimpy Turbo/Super Turbo voice back to his old original voice. Same KO cries, same hit sounds. Moving on.

The always seen "sprite differences" screen

This was obviously the first big thing about this. I can tell most I had no intrest at all in this game when I heard it was going to be redone (for the 23950234850934805938405 time.) except NOW IN HD!!!!?!?!?!?!!!111 I could care less if the game was in HD but Capcom love to rehash SFII over and over and over. Granted it does look stunningly awesome (and the fact Udon artist basically redrew every sprite.) I can't help but laugh at how old school it still feels. Everything's smooth and the game is in Widescreen to boot. Can't miss detail now. Too bad we can't get a Vampire Saviour HD....(hint hint capcom.)

The bulk of ANY fighting game (or good one at least.) the gameplay. This is why attracted me to come out of my cave and buy. People were getting beefed up or properties changed to make it feel new but still retain the old feel. Be easy on newcomers yet still top tier for hardcore fighters. This is where the game obviously shines as EVERYONE has had their tweaks. The fact you can choose between the classic verison of Super Turbo (now going as ST from here on.) to the Remix is great. Remix makes it easier for newcomers (and people who don't have a stick/invested in a stick/people forced to use Microsoft's shitty dpad) To pull off 360 moves (as they're now half circle moves.) and 1 special super that felt like Geese's Old school input for Raging Storm (Guile's super input in Remix is a simple half circle up.) Folks if you're looking for a reason to buy this game, this is it (oh...AND GRAPKIS. but this mainly.) Though just as I tell myself, if you really want to play fighters competitively, buy a damn stick. Gamestop and Amazon still trut around the EX2 stick (which new is 60 I believe.) and you have the SFIV sticks coming in feb. (Seriously folks. The fact pro players are working with Madcatz/Capcom on the sticks makes it more the reason to look at it. SANWA parts. They're up there with HORI you stickophile stick fans.)

Along with all this you have the choice to switch from Remix and Classic. Classic = original Super Turbo sprites (hd background though.) and old ST frames/hitboxes/animation/etc. The same can be done with the music.

Up for a game of fake fireball mindgames kid?

Online is obviously the second big thing. So far playing online, i've only had 1 idiot lagging (I don't even know where he's from seeing his gamercard didn't show where he was from.) But outside of that, the game connection is rather stable as hell. The usual modes are here (Ranked, Local) along with a "Tournament" mode. Haven't played it yet, but if it's like what the old arcade tournaments of ST were like, i'm sure it's the same quality mode. (tournament style. I think up to 12 people hence...the wide arrange of color swaps.) Though I will say since it is still early (and this is the 360 version.) there's a good amount of scrubs/bad players. Most i've come across are the usual people who jump in with a strong kick, then try to sweep right after. I figure these are the kids too used to air blocking days of Alpha/MvC/CvS games. as jumping in SFII games will get you killed badly.

Overal though, the game is pretty damn solid for 15 bucks. updated graphics/sprites/background, remix music (which is so so to my ears.) and stable online connection, gets my vote for any fighter wishing to play a good copetitive game of old school SFII.
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