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Thanks Retroforce! :D

Hey all,
After achieveing the question of the week on RetroforceGo's Heroines episode I have to say I was over the moon, sure Chad hates my name but what can ya do? I can't change it (that I know of) so it's staying :P

Anyways I gave the crew my shipping details and Chad told me Collette would be sending something awesome my way, to be honest I was expecting some merch or swag of some description, but it seems that was not the case. I came home from work yesterday to find a small parcel at my door from Dtoid, I opened the parcel expecting some awesome shwag but instead I found something that blew me away....

PAL cart, meet NTSC cart. Hey lasagna floor is back! :D

But you know what? I don't care. It still looks cool, the packaging is awesome, it's still a fantastic gift to be given, and best of all now I can LEGALLY play the (not) downloaded version of this game on my DS. Huzzah!

So thanks again guys for the little piece of retro-awesome you sent my way :D
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