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You like Mandy X!

I've been absent from the psn for some time now. Well, as of this coming monday, i move into my new home with internet enabled and have missed those great social interactions only provided by the psn.

Like that poker game i think alot of people have forgotten, i am on the return and will host a prize filled session of that forgotten game, maybe.

Yojimo been dealing some rape out on street fighter so i guess i'll lose that cherry soon enough but not without trying not to get penetrated by the token sage. Just don't forget about that tekken ga.me because once i lose i will try to turn the tables by switching back to that, or even mortal kombat 2.

I just read a good review on R2 so i hope to be picking that up really soon. Warhawk is another i need to get trophies in so shipero will be on my team of course. Also been playing that Jepeordy game and would love to play that online, just not against shipero. As well as geon too but i don't care who i play at that one, just want the trophies.

I been playing ALOT of castlevania games as of late but finally put my game face on and beat novastrike, hard as hell but i did it. I also been watching a bunch of movies and this will be a mini review of them. W. great movie and very enjoyable to watch. Saw5, was okay, not enough action or traps. Role models, a must see, fucking hillarious in spades and has a good emphasis on larp games (live action role playing) and was just too good. You need to watch this flick if any. Blaw.

I also quit smoking pot which is a fucking miracle and have been clean for a month and two weeks. I am studying for the army as well because i want a really good job in it and i feel as if it's my destiny and family tradition to go as every generation of my family has gone and i'm the only one out of three brothers to graduate high school.

If i don't get into the army (cough,cough,felonies) i will be moving back to Florida in the spring, hopefully back to Sarasota where all my friends are and ex-g's (they still want it) so blaw blaw blaw.

These are some pictures i took of the top of the mountain i'll be living on come monday. Hope you like.

So that ends my almost back coming back blog and the return of the #1_in_the_hood_G!!

You like Mandy X!
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my favorite games are and in this order until after gta.
the Metal Gear series as a whole.
the final fantasy series as a whole.
the gta series as a whole.
the first resident evil.
the first suffering.
the castlevania series as a whole.
some super mario world of course.
a few zelda titles.
the aqua teen hunger force as a whole.
the soon to be announced rob zombie game (my breath is held).
contra 1,2 and super.
streets of rage.
soulcaliber series as a whole (soul blade included).
some game by the name of chronic the hemphog.
burning the trees.
barak obama: the anti-chr...
the devil my cry series as a just the first two.
chrono trigger and cross.
kotor 1 and 2.
gran turismo.
ssx tricky (its tricky,tricky!).
sim earth.
sim ant.
lake and ocean odell.
evo:the search for eden.
star ocean snes.
front mission as a series.
r.a.d.(robot alchemic drive).
frequency (due to the fact i was into eating beans a few years ago and you could easily create awesome blow-up beats and fuck like a rabbit with a horse cock).
that one where you did that thing that was cool and shit.
mario kart64.
and oh so many i can't remember but they were good games i think.

greatest video game/related movies:
silent hill (just for mirroring the source material so well)
brainscan (way ahead of its time)
and i think thats about it for the movies.

music: i love all kinds of musak but my favorite is hardcore and hip-hop. but i also listen to reggae, bluegrass, punk, old rock and roll, jazz, blues, fucking everything we as humans can perform well. My favorite band is AC/DC (Bon Scott era). And Tupac Shakur (The best fucking ever) and A Tribe Called Quest (smooth shit, like real smooth).

my greatest inspiration: Nicola Tesla.
i slowly turn the heat up in the shower until it doesn't go no more.
fire it up.

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