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Left 4 Dead: Versus Impressions

Yesterday I experienced my first proper Left 4 Dead Versus Mode game. Previously I'd only spent five minutes in it with a friend but last night Aerox and a whole bunch of other people, GuttlessWonder and ME spring to mind. Ah, sod it: my memory for names is not all that good and this is the first time I've multiplayer'd properly with Dtoid folks so your names might be different here - tell me who you were!

3) Destructoid
One of the other reasons I've been put off multiplayer is that I could never find people I wanted to play with. XBox Live games I've played have simply been ruined by, for example, the whiny 13 year old racist that everyone who has played with a headset must by now be familiar with. Back in reality, few of my local friends are enough into gaming to arrange regular sessions.

Praise be to Destructoid, then. I've only been posting around the site a few months and I don't know many of you all that well yet. Still, I know well enough now that if I get into a game with you folks then I am going to have an enjoyable time with like minded people and I don't care if that sounds like I'm describing a swingers' party. The point is, I'm so glad that this place exists and may there be many epic tales of zombie battles to come.

If you'd like to join me, just chuck your keys in the bowl over th-- uh, I mean, add me to Steam. If 'SurplusGamer' doesn't work, try 'InsoFox' or look for me in the group (Steam's friend system seems to go weird, sometimes).
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