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MGO gets a new update; brings a new MEME.


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Earlier today(or maybe just a little while ago depending on where you live), the MGO servers were taken down for maintenance. When they came back up, we got a new update. A BIG new update.

Here's a link to the official release page which im putting instead of a straight copy-pasta due to the "engrish" in it.


We all know about the MEME expansion, right? Well, there are 3 new maps, you can play as Liquid Ocelot or Mei Ling now. There's also a new tournament mode you have to register for if you want it, but I don't know anything about it yet.

Anyhow, LIQUID OCELOT IS FUCKING GOD!!!! He runs fast, has the G.O.P(guns of the patriots) primary weapon that lets him lock the weapons of whoever he yells "bang" at, and as an alternate fire, he becomes a SOP Destab(with less range and a shorter duration). He also has unique CQC skills. Like Snake, he can stun with one slam, and do a CQC hold like everyone else. Unlike everyone else though, he stuns people with his knife instead of slitting their throats(and it looks cool). His combo is also a triple punch(much like he does in the rest of the series), but the third punch can be switched out for a headbutt. He also comes with a nifty secondary weapon option called the Thor, whose description is "a large caliber hand rifle". It works well in close range.

Oh, did I meantion that instead of an evasive back step, he gets a full-on back pedal with armes spread open laughing all the way(think of the last scene in act 4)? Yeah, he does!

Then there's the walking porn mag, Mei Ling. I say this not to be offensive, but because her taunt has the ability to immobilize soldiers the same way the porn mag does.

She can't choose a primary other than the Missouri though(which is a one hit kill anyhow, but has a delay). She has her soliton sonar available though(a secondary "weapon") that allows her to see enemies through the wall she points it at. She cant CQC(she can combo, but can't hold), but she can scan knocked out enemies on the ground.

The maps are cool. Two of them are returners: Silo Sunset(an 'aged' version of the Silo Entrance map from Portable Ops), and Forest Firefight(one of those forest maps from MGO1 with the cabin in it). The third map is Winter Warehouse, and has snow. You can leave footprints in it. IDK, I haven't played it enough to make a call yet.

Outside of MEME, there were also changes. 3 new skills were added. I haven't unlocked them yet, but one seems to have to do with using the shield(50 successful shield attacks to unlock), another has to do with preventing SOP leaks(GET scanned 250 times to unlock), and the third has do do with bolstering scanning capabilities(use Lv. 3 Scanner 200 times to unlock, probably get the ability to scan knocked out people).

There were also some interface tweaks such as adding a level display to the waiting rooms(so now you can see a persons rank and level). This is good because all the ranks are shit anyhow because of the stat boosters. You can also now set up to three sets of skills and gear(appearance) for quick access between matches. CQC+ lv. 3 got a major buff with a sped up animation, faster knock out time, automatic disarming, AND introducing...CROUCHING DISARM!! Yes, CQC is useful once again.

There were also three new modes added: Interval(which makes a game have no affect on the players stats), Stealth Deathmatch, and No Headshots(there are new servers dedicated to this mode). Stealth Deathmatch is awesome on the level of Team Sneaking. You get the full selection of weapons you would have in normal deathmatch. Everyone starts with stealth camo equipped though. There,s a lot more hiding involved because when a person gets hit, their camo deactivates temporarily. It adds a much appreciated level of strategy to your average deathmatch, especially considering that there are no respawns each round. To prevent a stalemate by camping, near the end of the match, the area you can fight in starts to shrink, stepping out of that area starting to cause damage. In short, pure win.

There were also some new music tracks added from the various metal gears(including Duel from MGS, and The Boss's boss music from MGS3 aka. Slightly cut Snake Eater) and two tracks from Zone Of the Enders. There were also some glitch fixes I heard on other message boards, so that's good too.

All in all, I think this update is pure win. No one has had any errors with purchasing, and the update made it out ok. Any of you guys feel like this update brought enough to the table to draw you back in? If you haven't bought the GENE expansion, is the MEME/GENE bundle a good enough deal for you? Will any of you be joining ME out on the battlefield?

Me, out on a battlefield

Oh, as a side note: even if you don't play regularly, log into your account and play a round or two sometime before December 9th for 10,000 free reward points(to be dolled out on the 9th) you can use to deck out your soldier. Maybe you'll get lucky and be one of the few chosen to receive 100,000 points. Its a good deal in my opinion, take it.


tl;dr version: GO PLAY MGO RIGHT NAO!!!!!!
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