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Academic Transference: Gears of War 2 Review

Pardon the formal look of this review. I originally wrote this for a project in school, so it's supposed to have a sort of magazine feel to it. Still, I think it's an opportune time to put a review up on dtoid. There may be a couple more Academic Transferences in the future, so keep a lookout.

There is no doubt that Cliff Bleszinski�s Gears of War was the one title that entrenched the Xbox 360�s influence on the market. Its sequel, Gears of War 2, improves upon the formula of success and expands the game�s scale to make each moment even more impressive and exciting than the last. The folks at Epic Games have really outdone themselves this time. With the introduction of new weapons and gameplay mechanics, along with a longer and more impressive single player campaign, this sequel looks to be a game that will not be overshadowed by its older brother any time soon.

The story begins with our battle armor-clad, steroid injected hero, Marcus Fenix as he finds himself in the continuing struggle against the relentless Locust forces. Everything there is pretty much the same, right? Well, the rest of the story doesn�t really build much more onto that. Sure, the Cogs are on their way underground to disestablish Locust rule, but that�s still basic plot in itself. Sadly, if you want to dig any deeper than that into the story, all you get is a bunch of either Dom and his quest to save his wife by talking about it from time to time, or questions with very little answers. Many characters speak about things that make players who haven�t followed Gears of War down to the letter scratch their heads in confusion. Nearly every new �plot point� that is established or found in the game is a complete enigma and makes you feel uneasy about it, even after the game ends! It makes the entire experience feel so incomplete that your victory seems empty. When the credits started rolling at the end I thought, �Did I just do the right thing or the wrong thing?�

On the bright side, all of your favorite characters from the first installment make their own appearances throughout the course of the game, along with a strong cast of brand new characters mixed in (a new Carmine is even introduced as the brother of the Carmine who was sniped in Gears of War). Everyone is given their own unique personalities and emotions, as they are conveyed fairly well in the game�s decent dialogue. There�s no better way to reveal a person�s true feelings than when they�re in the middle of a massive firefight.

Chances are that if you�re a Gears fan, you�ve already bought this game. If you haven�t, I can�t suggest any 360 title more than this one. It�s smooth, it�s fun, and the chainsaws make you feel all tingly inside. Seriously, if you love great single player and multiplayer experiences with negligible plot and design issues, then you were born for this game. Between the new weapons, gameplay, characters, and scenery, Gears of War 2 is a memorable journey through the depths of Seras and back. Just don�t talk about Maria and we�re cool.

Gears of War 2 gets a :
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