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Tell me what to draw! #1: "Mr. Destructoid has entered the game."

Hello fellow Dtoiders! Welcome to the first (proper) installment of Tell me what to draw! Last week, Destructoid member Half Left got the winning first comment in, which was:

Master Chief, Samus Aran and Gordon Freeman interacting with Mr Destructoid in some way.

A card game perhaps?

Well, without further ado, here is the finished piece!

Check out the full size version in the gallery.

And now, let's set it up for next week. For those unsure of the rules, first comment posted telling me what to draw, tells me what to draw! Keep it SFW and somewhat video game related. For those who missed first comment, try giving a name to the current piece!

Also, as Half Left won last week, he cannot enter this week. Them's the rules.
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