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(not and/or very) Ready to Monday!!! SPECIAL EDITION

So hey, wasn't last night a blast? You know, that thing you did to start of the weekend? Oh, it sucked? Well, It's satruday afternoon wherever you are in the USA and saturday night is fast approaching.

What else is approaching? MONDAY!!!!

But this week's different; for the Americans, its Thanksgiving. It's that holiday where America's founding fathers ate Turkey with those native Americans for the sole purpose to gain their trust only to have them screwed over in the following decades.

So I urge you after our trailer of tonight from the good folks over at Japanator that you tell us your plans for this week.

The trailer is for Detroit Metal City, a movie based on a Japanese comic about the most reserved dork you ever know who secretly is the frontman for a Japanese Hardcore Metal band. Their songs have lyrics such as fuck, rape and murder. A nice family movie.

Get ready toooooooo MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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