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Quoth the Raven, 'Disc Read Error'


I thought I was lucky when I bought a 60gb PS3, an extra controller, Madden 08, and NFL 2K8 from my cousin for $300 when she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her under the farce of traveling to and from New York to visit his daughter. Xbox 360 failure rates had kept me from buying one (until recently) and the PS3 price was the only deterrent keeping me from getting one of these so naturally I graciously volunteered to fan the flames of infidelity inspired revenge and take the shiny black reminder of a failed relationship off her hands.

A year later and my PS3 and I are enjoying our relationship but then life decided to piss in my Cheerios. My PS3... undone by the very reason I had abstained from buying a 360 for years. Only about a half hour into Mirror's Edge, I took the last of many falls off of buildings when my PS3 decided to not load the previous checkpoint. Restarting the console, it then refuses to even read any of my discs, occasionally giving me the error code "80010514," which I'm almost certain translates to DISC READ ERROR.

My 1 year warranty was invariably over since it was a launch unit leaving me with a dreadful inkling that repairs were going to cost me. Initially I was going to tell the customer service rep that I had cancer and worked a 50+ hours a week factory job to feed my three handicapped children and that paying for repairs would ruin Christmas but the woman on the phone sounded like she was so unenthusiastically reading the fine print off of a user agreement that I didn't get a chance to haggle. It was a cold lifeless conversation. She broke my heart and took 150 dollars of my money. So much for Fallout 3, Motorstorm, and Left 4 Dead. I'll just resort to imagining what the rest of Mirror's Edge is like and not finishing my LBP level that I've been toiling away at. DAMN YOU SONY!!!!!!

Did I just compare crucifixion to a console failure? Heh...
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