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I am the wind. An ode to the symphony of the night

"Just like the sun, when it's done, sometimes i don't like the person i've become" are some of the lyrics you'll hear upon completing this masterpeice of a game.

You start the game as the Belmont "Richter" and then proceed to pummel Dracula but thats where his story ends and you begin as the awesome Alucard, proceeding to kill and gain skills that make the game more fun than previosly thought possible. But this ain't a fucking review, its a nod to the masters at konami and by masters, i mean MASTERS.

The game is a tale of revenge, love, soul searching and remorse as when you end it finishing off Alucard's father Vlad, Alucard tells him his mother's (Vlad's only love whom he didn't turn) last words that he shouldn't hold the humans as enemies or hold contemp for them "because their's is a hard lot", those words struck a cord with me and it was the humans who burned her at the stake. A scene which could not have been done more perfect.

The ending theme may be something that sounds like it shoud be in titantic but the game came out a few years before that movie and it still much, much better than the whole of that movie, the in-game music really fits in well too, almost too well, leaving me to think someone sold their soul to the devil to get them so right.
As an rpg addict i was fullfilled with the action and boss fights but not with the exp rewards but there is a stairwell that has these flamebreathing baddies all the way up and a spike-ball attached to one near the top before the level advances, this spike-ball will always give about 300 exp, make this your level grinder and you can get up to about lv.35 before it takes too long to lv. up making the game much easier until you get to the upside-down castle. It's the only place to do it in the begining so take word, don't touch it and equip the jewel knuckles or else.

Now the game isn't story oriented but what castlevania is? It's an action game at it's core with everything else thrown in for good measure. Really good measure. I fucking love it and you don't then' well, go fuck yourself . With so much emphasis these days on hype and DLC and features its a good refresh from the crap the industry is trying to push on us these days. The aria of sorrow is really good as well but pushes too many characters into the game with too little impact but lots of depth with the enemy souls thing, harmony of dissonance i have yet to beat but i'm liking the story so far, with circle of the moon i just don't like the look but i will give it a try after i beat the others. I'm somewhat limited to what i can play on the ps3 but linux did open the flood gates for me to really enjoy these games with my ds3 blaw blaw blaw.

i look forward to see what else konami has up their sleeve but for me they have been fairly consistent about releasing good games from ZotE to MGS to castlevania they don't really try to hype their games like certain other companies do and yet they have all these great fullfilling games under their belt. The symphony of the night is just the perfect balance of side-scrolling and level gaining that i believe everyone should experience it but thats just my opinion.

This is as perfect a game as one could be and you owe it yourself to at least try it if you already haven't.
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