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Trophy whoring got really scary


If you didn't know, I'm a dirty trophy whore. I played through Burnout Paradise a third time and a second time through GTA IV, that I didn't really like that much, because of the trophies. I even have rented Alone in the Darkness right now just to get those easy trophies. (That apparently have some serious problem syncing with the PSN servers.) But there are people out there, that are even worse than me.

Almost everyday I get random friend requests on PSN and because I am a nice guy or at least thinks so, I always add them. Shortly afterwards I get either messages like:

"Wanna share?"

Which is something I won't do, because I don't want to give out my account with all my credit card info and such. Also I already share with my local friends.

Or I get something like:

"Wanna share trophies?" or "Can you get me some trophies?"

The first time I got that message, I was shocked. Is that internet penis called trophies really that important? And more importantly why are people, who are too lazy to get trophies for themselves, actually interested in that?

On a PS3 it is really easy to share an account. You only need the email adress and the password to log into an account. Registering an already existing account on a PS3 takes about 20 seconds and you can have your account on as many PS3s as you want to. Which is actually pretty nice, because I can play with my account on my brother's or my friend's PS3s.

So after the first message I asked, why I would do that, and I was told, that everybody does that and I couldn't have possibly gotten all the trophies I had on my own. Also that person wanted me to get some Aquanaut's Holiday trophies, because you can't buy the game outside of Japan and he wanted to have the game at least on his list.

Actually at that point I should have gone "Hello ignore list", but for some reason I didn't. And someone I was lucky, because some days later that user send out message to everyone on his friend list warning about a user called xXx-s3xfr3ak or something like that, because if you give your login info to Mr. Sexfreak, he will delete your friends and send out strange messages with your account. Serves you right, you cheating whore!
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