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A time to build: LBP level creating tips

Little Big Planet is out for a while now. That's right, I wasn't going to talk about Lebanese Pounds (LBP) here but for your information: 1 Lebanese pound = 0,000525065336 euro's as of today, so technically it's almost out. I'm not going to talk about Lupker-Bouckaert-Peeters either.

Like it says in the title, the purpose of this blog is to help you creating an awesome level. You might know everything about the editor but maybe my tips can help you make creating a bit easier. Who knows.

I would really like to have a bit more songs. I'm already getting sick and tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. Maybe they can license some songs or something (note: NOT MUSLIM!). Or maybe some different genres. Metal, Ska, Punk, Techno, Hip-H... oh no, not that. The argument against it would be that it doesn't 'fit' in the Sackworld. But do take in consideration that you can choose Zombie costumes. I would love to make a zombie level with The Misfits or Balzac songs playing in the background.

I would like them to take a look a the zoom and camera-change function. It's a pain in the ass when you have selected your object and it's the perfect size but you can't see it and have to let go of the object. I stated that already but this is the most lacking function. I can't emphasize it enough.

That's it. This is all I can tell you. Everything else you can find in the tutorials. Did I forget something very useful that's not in the tutorial? Is there something you want Media Molecule to add? Please tell me and I'll update this blog. Let's make it a Cblog LBP help blog. Or something with a better sounding title than that.

All I've got left to tell you is have fun creating awesome levels!
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