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Shortblog!: Rock Band 2 is out in Europe in 2 days


Well, I wouldn't blame you for not knowing because Harmonix or even EA haven't done any advertising for it at all, apart from the actual press release if that even counts. How can they expect to face Guitar Hero: World Tour if they aren't even advertising? Either way it's out here in 2 days, which is quicker than the time it took the original Rock Band to come out here so expect a lot of euro Dtoiders to be picking it up. I know I will but I'm not sure if there will be any Rock Band 2 shenanigans at EUFNF. However it seems it will be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive over here too so sucks to be a PS3/Wii/PS2 owner if you were looking forward to picking it up on Friday. So to euro Dtoiders, did you know it was coming out so soon and will you be picking it up?
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