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Custom Halo 3 Pink Master Chief. + Cave Story?

Before I get started, yes, I totally bit this picture template from Jin Saotome. I figure it works, it looks good, so I ran with it. In the future, I probably won't use this set up, but for now, it'll do.

Here also is something else I got done recently. I usb flash drive In a GBA cart. It's only a 128mb drive, but the bonus is, I put everything anyone would ever need for cave story on the drive, including the Mega Pack (faqs, full translation, bonus mini games) and the complete soundtrack. I have made 2 of these, and I will be putting them up for sale soon. I do realize you can get everything for cave story for free, but you would be buying the custom stuff that it is incased in.

Also the sticker is 100% original, created by me.

Thanks again!
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