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Dtoid Secret Santa!

Dear Destructoid, what do you want for Christmas? Alright, now how much on that list can I send to you without getting put in prison?

All/some joking aside, I thought I would organize a "Secret Santa" for Destructoid this year, since I can't remember one happening last year. For now, all you need to do is send me an email at [email protected] including your name, shipping address, whether or not you're willing to ship overseas, and a short list of things you'd want to receive. Even better, you can make a wishlist on Amazon.com that can be easily included in the email you send me. Nothing too expensive, not many of us can afford the luxury of putting another person on our list. But that doesn't mean to shorthand the person you're giving too, either!

For those of you who've never had the opportunity to do a Secret Santa before, let me break it down for you. You email me your shipping info and a list of things you'd want. You get paired up with a random person. You buy for them WITHOUT TELLING THEM THAT THEY'RE WHO YOUR BUYING FOR. Seriously, more people have fucked this up than you can imagine. If they give you a shitty list, it's their fault. You send out your gifts, and you receive yours from someone else!

I will only be accepting offers to be a Secret Santa until a week from today, Tuesday the 25th at 11:59 EST. This way, you insane Black Friday shoppers have a chance to save some money at the risk of being maimed/trampled/raped to death by the horde of holiday shoppers.

If you feel that you can't buy for your recipient for any reason, are aren't sure if you'll be able to, then by all means don't enter. It's not about me telling you that I don't want you yo be in on the cheer, I just don't want anyone to draw the short stick, so to speak.

So send me an email at [email protected], and lets all have an awesome holiday season!
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