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MEME is on sale WORLDWIDE now(yes, that means in the US too).

Yesterday I reported that Japan would be getting MEME on the 25th in Japan, but it would go on pre-sale starting the 18th. Well, now it's confirmed in America too. The two items(MEME standalone, and the GENE/MEME bundle) are available for sale for $10 and $15 respectively. I have heard of no one encountering the same issues as the GENE launch fiasco, and purchases are going smoothly. I myself have purchased the MEME standalone(cuz I already has GENE) and can report that it went through without error.

There is also a new info page(here) detailing the MEME expansion. Sure you may know of the two new characters and the three new maps. Did you know though, that there's going to be a new mode added? Yes, the "Official Tournament Mode". Teams formed of random people will compete in a tournament.

Source: MGO Official Web Site(USA)

Also rumored to pop up with the MEME update will be two new modes, the "No-Headshots" mode, and the "Stealth Deathmatch" mode. Yes, you read that right, a mode where headshots do the same damage as body shots, because only in MGO, does that actually make the game harder. Stealth Deathmatch, will be like normal deathmatch, but everyone starts with stealth camo equipped. Truly epic if true.

Source: Joystiq
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