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Left 4 Dead [Pre-Thoughts]

Well, we are approaching the launch of everyone (or at least 99%) of the gaming world's favorite new game, Left 4 Dead. While I know I will be staying up till 2AM (because I'm in Texas, and its being released Valve's time zone, so 12 PST is 2 CST), I wonder how many other D-Toid members are going to be doing the feat, especially having pre-loaded the game. I will suffer tomorrow through class to do it, but damn it if I won't have fun.

A couple of things I was thinking about earlier today made me realize that maybe I should share them with fellow gamers, about the game. Now, must of this might be redundant to you, so I'm not saying "oh I'm smarter and more l337, therefore I pwn j0 mom", but I dare say I haven't heard a lot of people talk about this. Plus, I just think brainstorming as a game community is a great thing.

So, here are my thoughts about Left 4 Dead, the soon-to-be launch, and why i think this will be the greatest game ever.

1. Movie Stereotypes: Gruff, old army guys, comedic relief black guy, biker dude with cocky attitude, girl that will inevitably be rescued no matter what...this game has it all. And now its time prove those stereotypes wrong...or right...who knows

2. The PC version will kick more ass than the console: I'm saying this as a console gamer. Reason?
Valve will be making more campaigns, I know it, and they will be making top-tier ones...for free. Xbox, not so much. And then of course the user-generated content. I personally, after seeing Left 4 Dead, being run on Dustbowl from TF2, am wanting a mode where you have to capture each point in a level before moving on to the next one. Its like a mini-finale in each game. And being a boss zombie in those situations would totally allow you to piss people off...while playing the game right.

3. Community: Its a fact, this game is going to rock. But it really rocks because anti-griefer measures have been taken (see Witch), unless you are on a non-dedicated server. Then good luck fighting 30 witches. Plus, as a gamer community, I see D-Toid having a lot of fun, and then all of the other L4D dedicated communities. A few dicking around moments, but still, great fun.

4. One leg up - We already have a Leeroy Jenkins: This guy not only has the worst luck, but he has the worst plan...that goes oh so wrong. I have declared him Leeroy Jenkins of Left 4 Dead because of 2 phrases...
a) "ABORT! ABORT! ABORT THE PLAN!!!" (said after busting through door, only to be tackled by Hunter)
b) "*crying* ZOMBIE BUKKAKE!!" (cried while being curb stomped by 20 infected)

Enter the hilarity here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GotNTtt1NNQ

5. Steam Community games; All you have to do is make a Steam Community, and you can connect to other games played by community members. I say D-Toid gets on going.

6. "Strategery": Who doesn't love a game where you can make a make-shift barricade with gas tanks, and then blow the zombies to hell...and then have a Smoker lasso your friend and drag him into the fire, where no one can rescue him. I saw it happen on the 1Up show review of this game...strategerize around this.

I could go on, but really, I think you see what I'm doing here. Comment on here, tell me where you agree or disagree, or tell me how far your roflcopter flew after watching ZOMBIE BUKKAKE! Brad.

I look forward to some zombie killing with you D-Toiders.

SteamID RoninZero777

And now I gotta go and get some root beer to drink during playing. good luck...


"Gentlemen....its zombie time" (<--new catch phrase to L4D I made...see what I did there?)
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